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27 September 2018 Product Updates

Choosing the right veneer - use our handy guide...

How timber is sliced has a major impact on the grain as it appears on a sheet of veneer. Add to that the various lay-up options and you can create a myriad of design effects.

We thought we'd cut through a bit of the mystery with our simple Veneer Specification Guide which you can view or download here. Below are two key areas regarding the cut and the lay-up which are the most crucial to understand.

The cut

Our Bestwood Natural Veneer range offer includes crown cut, quarter cut, rotary cut and and recut options. Bestwood Natural Veneer - Recut is often confused with Bestwood Recon Veneer.   Recut is made from natural veneer which is laminated into a block and recut into an attractive veneer with consistent colour and a straight grain structure while retaining a natural feel.

Bestwood Recon Veneer is made from Poplar which is dyed and then laminated into a block and sliced into veneer sheets that offer incredible colour and grain consistency in attractive on-trend tones.

The Lay-up

Prime Natural Veneer has three lay-up options to select from - Book Matched, Slip Matched or Planked.

Lay-up options are set for Bestwood Recon Veneer as it's a re-engineered product with a consistent fine grain and colour.

Any queries, we'd be happy to help.  Just contact one of our architectural managers if you need help with your veneer project.


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