21 May 2019 General News

Bestwood creates video guide to veneer

Bestwood has created a series of short video segments to provide a complete guide to working with natural timber veneer. 

Whether it's a refresher for those who already work with veneer, or an introduction for architects, designers and joiners unfamiliar with this interior decorative surface, they're a quick and easy way to get to grips with the basics.

Starting with a brief overview of what a veneer panel is and how it is made, one segment covers sustainable sourcing and was shot on location in South Westland where much of our NZ Native veneer is sourced from.

Other segments cover the different cuts available and how they appear visually, along with layup options, choice of substrates and tips and tricks for using veneer in interior projects.

All the chapters work on their own but have been compiled into a complete guide (around 8 mins in duration) which can be viewed here.

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